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UpMarket is an alternative investment platform that enables individual accredited investors to access private market investment opportunities in pre-IPO companies, hedge funds, private equity, and other alternatives.

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Why should only the wealthiest and most well-connected investors be able to ride the AI investment wave? Or invest in the future of space exploration?UpMarket's mission is to unlock the private markets for individual investors.

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UpMarket has no membership fees and invites all accredited investors to sign up for a free account where they will get regular updates on new offerings.No spam. No selling your information. Just curated investments directly to your email.

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We know how painful investing in private market opportunities can be. That's why we built the technology so you can invest and manage your investments entirely online.No more printed docs, lost fund updates, or wet signatures.

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UpMarket curates investment opportunities in Pre-IPO companies, Private Equity Funds, Hedge Funds, Real Estate, and other asset classes that were previously accessible primarily to institutional investors, family offices, and high-net-worth investors.UpMarket clients have invested in all of these companies (and more).

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Founded in 2019, UpMarket has helped investors deploy over $150 million into private markets.We serve clients across the country with primary offices in Seattle, The San Francisco Bay Area, and New York.Our dedicated sales team is happy to meet you in person or serve you entirely remotely, whatever you prefer.

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Access new opportunities to build a diversified portfolio, manage risk, generate alpha, and target your long-term investment objectives.With UpMarket, you can access new asset classes that are uncorrelated with the market, offer unique return profiles, and have professional management that can help you navigate market volatility and business cycles.

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UpMarket has helped people like you invest over $150 million in alternative markets.

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